Palestinians Weigh Options after Failure at UN Security Council

(Israel Hayom) Daniel Siryoti - After the failure of the Palestinian initiative to condemn the U.S. peace plan at the UN Security Council, a member of the Palestinian delegation who went to the UN with Abbas said, "There is an atmosphere of bitter disappointment....We were caught unprepared, and we didn't properly assess the American pressure on the members of the Security Council....We are still in shock from the cold shoulder we received from Arab states, chief among them the Gulf emirates, Egypt and Saudi Arabia." One official said, "The time has come to break free of the conception shackling Abbas and his old guard, whereby the international community and Arab countries will care for the Palestinians' interests....The time has come to change the thought process and reconsider the boycott of the Trump administration and the peace plan it formulated."

2020-02-13 00:00:00

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