The Palestinian Veto Has Been Denied

(Israel Hayom) Dr. Dan Schueftan - The U.S. peace plan denies the Palestinians their main political asset: the right to veto. They were granted this right even though they cannot claim any major constructive achievement over 100 years of corruption, violence, and recalcitrance. Palestinians could have used this status to found a state, supported by enormous international support. Instead, they chose to wallow in their victimhood, to waste and loot billions, to sanctify terror and sound brazen demands. The U.S. plan basically denies the need for Palestinian agreement and opens the door for Israeli unilateral steps with American support. Israel's main security problems have been answered; the Palestinians can get a state only in the impossible scenario that they accept the Jewish state; the Arab states will protest weakly; and "the international community" will continue to complain. The writer is head of the International Graduate Program in National Security Studies at the University of Haifa.

2020-02-05 00:00:00

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