U.S. Technology on Iraqi F-16s Feared Vulnerable to Iranian-Backed Militias

(Foreign Policy) Ellen Ioanes - U.S. and Iraqi officials say they are increasingly concerned that sensitive U.S. technology on Iraq's F-16 fighter jets at Balad air base, until recently secured and maintained by foreign contractors, is vulnerable to seizure by Iranian-backed militias. Officials say it's only a matter of time before PMF militias can access the air base, and quite possibly the weapons the contractors were there to protect. One U.S. official said, "We just have absolutely no way to verify what they are looking at, what they're carrying away. Right now, at Balad, there's nothing. There's no U.S. personnel at all providing security. As far as the technology, once that's compromised, that's compromised." PMF units have previously gotten hold of American-made Iraqi M1 Abrams tanks.

2020-02-03 00:00:00

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