British Report: Amnesty International Is Institutionally Biased Against Israel

(Jewish Chronicle-UK) David Collier - Amnesty International has an institutional hostility towards Israel that borders on obsession, visibly attacking Israel more frequently and with far more energy than it does any other nation. It is as if Amnesty has declared war on Israel. In research commissioned by Jewish Human Rights Watch, I found that an Amnesty media manager advised Palestinian terror groups like Hamas not to publicly identify their martyrs if they were lost in an action, but rather have the West believe the fallen were innocent civilians. An Amnesty consultant tweeted an image of two Islamic Jihad terrorists, with a love heart - and she wrote the word "heroes" above the images. A deputy regional director at Amnesty was once a Palestinian activist who had Leila Khaled, the PFLP hijacker, as his Facebook profile picture. Amnesty eagerly employs people with a history of anti-Israel activism, then sends them in as "unbiased human rights workers" to report on what is happening. Their biased accounts then provide the motivations for constructing far larger Amnesty campaigns against Israel. Amnesty used to have a rule that prevented people from working on issues where a conflict of interest may have occurred, but they dropped this in the early 2000s.

2019-12-27 00:00:00

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