What Would America Do If It Was Attacked by Rockets?

(Fox News) Jason D. Greenblatt - Palestinian terrorists in Gaza fired a rocket on Wednesday at an Israeli city where Prime Minister Netanyahu was appearing at an election campaign event. What would America or any other nation do if a rocket was launched toward a campaign event held by a presidential candidate? I would think the reaction to such an attack would be quick, decisive and punishing. And indeed, Israel responded forcefully and justifiably to the unprovoked attack. Israel's stability and security is essential to the security of numerous Arab countries in the region, as well as to the U.S. If not for Israel and the U.S., the fanatical anti-American dictatorship that rules Iran would pose an even greater threat to all its neighbors and to the U.S. Many Israel-bashers have protested about how Israel is blockading Gaza. But few have discussed the underlying reasons for Israel restricting the entry into Gaza of goods and material that are repurposed by terrorists into weapons of war to murder and maim Israelis. Anyone interested in bettering Palestinian lives and working toward peace must acknowledge that Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad are interested in nothing short of the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel and the murder of the Jews living there. The Palestinians will continue to lag behind, and peace will be unlikely to be achieved, as long as terrorists who hate Israel more than they love their own people remain in power. The writer is a former assistant to the president and special representative for international negotiations.

2019-12-26 00:00:00

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