Pompeo: U.S. Will Continue to Lead Fight Against ISIS

(U.S. Department of State) Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told foreign ministers and senior officials from 30 members of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS on Thursday in Washington, "You all know we must keep taking the fight to ISIS. So do we. The United States will continue to lead the Coalition, and the world, on this essential security effort." "Today we're watching the space once occupied by this fraudulent caliphate like a hawk. That's why we're maintaining our residual presence at Tanf, in southern Syria, and our capacity to conduct air operations. We've repositioned some of our troops in northeast Syria and in the broader region as well, to make sure that ISIS will never get a second wind and to prevent ISIS from recapturing the oil fields." "This Coalition...has been one of the most successful multilateral undertakings of the century. We beat back a jihadist dream - a would-be terror state in the center of the Middle East - and we saved millions of people from tyranny unlike anything that the world has seen."

2019-11-15 00:00:00

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