U.S.-Israel Security Cooperation Is a Win-Win

(Jewish Policy Center) Shoshana Bryen - Israel remains the one country the U.S. can rely upon to defend itself by itself and in coordination with American interests. The following list of Israeli assets was developed in 1979 as a guide to security cooperation: a secure location in a crucial part of the world; a well-developed military infrastructure; the ability to maintain, service, and repair U.S.-origin equipment; an excellent deep-water port in Haifa; modern air facilities; a position close to sea lanes and ability to project power over long distances; an air force larger than many in Western Europe; a democratic political system with a strong orientation to support the U.S. Added in 1996: Israel's military research and development capabilities complement those of the U.S. Its intelligence services cooperate closely with ours - to our benefit. And large numbers of American troops train in Israel. Added in 2006: The establishment of police-to-police counterterrorism training in Israel.

2019-11-08 00:00:00

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