How to Deter Hizbullah

[Ynet News] Giora Eiland - Syria's removal from Lebanon was mostly the result of an American-French-Saudi short-term interest that contradicted the Israeli interest. The result was that the partial vacuum that emerged in the wake of Syria's departure was filled by Iran rather than by moderate elements; when the Syrians left Lebanon Israel lost a "return address" that it could deter effectively; and the Syrians, who up to that point made an effort to hold on to Lebanon, shifted their political focus back to the Golan Heights. Hizbullah has been given two precious years to regain its military and political capabilities. We must explain to the international community now that another war on the northern border will not pit Israel against Hizbullah alone, with the Lebanese state playing the role of spectator. Such a war would bring about Lebanon's destruction, and this is something even Hizbullah doesn't want to see happen. This is the almost only way to create deterrence vis-a-vis an organization that attaches great importance to its domestic Lebanese legitimacy. The writer is former head of Israel's National Security Council.

2008-05-16 01:00:00

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