IDF Soldiers Recall Mission to Thwart Iran Drone Attack

(Times of Israel) Israel quickly took credit for its Aug. 24 airstrike in Syria which targeted a cell from the Quds Force of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps that was planning to attack Israeli territory with explosives-laden drones. "What is different about this strike from other operations the air force does in the theater is was the thwarting of an [imminent] attack that was going to be carried out," Israel Air Force Lt.-Col. "N" told Channel 13. As commander of the mission, N was at the head of an attacking force. He told his squadron following the mission, "What we did that night and all the hard work we're doing during the year is exactly for this moment - defending the home." "We take the working assumption...that every day the Quds Force is trying to advance an attack," Lt.-Col. "Y," head of the Quds Force branch in the research and analysis division of IDF Military Intelligence, told Channel 13. Y said his unit gathered intelligence on two Hizbullah members who were killed in the raid, and learned where they were staying. "We were right, I must confess in this case, down to the last detail," said Y.

2019-10-18 00:00:00

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