Keeping the Peace on the Temple Mount

(Israel Hayom) Yoav Limor - Former head of the Israel Security Agency MK Avi Dichter said in an interview: "The Palestinians will never drop the matter of the Temple Mount. It's a tool that they, and parts of the Arab and Muslim world, use to take on Israel....The Temple Mount is in second place after Mecca and Medina. No one really makes pilgrimages to the Temple Mount. There is no Hajj here....The Temple Mount is just an instrument." "Right now I don't see a solution in the form of dialogue with [the Palestinians]....They don't have the courage to do anything that isn't belligerent. You don't need to be brave to carry out a suicide bus bombing, you need to be a fanatic and not able to see beyond the end of your nose. Look at what they did to Sadat and Hussein, look at Arafat and Abu Mazen [Abbas]." "There is no Palestinian leader who'll...stand up in the Knesset and say, 'The path of terrorism is at an end.' At first, I thought that Arafat had an opportunity to be the one, but when I got to know him from close-up, I saw that he wasn't it."

2019-10-15 00:00:00

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