Poll: Most Americans Support Sending Troops, Missile Defenses to Saudi Arabia

(The Hill) Max Greenwood - 58% of Americans support and 42% oppose sending U.S. troops and missile and air defenses to Saudi Arabia after Iranian airstrikes on Saudi oil fields this month, according to a Harvard CAPS/Harris poll released Thursday. 72% said they support U.S. sanctions placed on Iran in the wake of the oil field attacks. 71% said the U.S. should ramp up diplomatic and economic pressure on Tehran instead of launching a military strike on the country. At the same time, 64% said they would oppose another U.S.-led military engagement in the Middle East. "The public does not want to take direct military action against Iran unless they attack American interests," said Mark Penn, co-director of the poll. "Iran is seen as the No. 1 enemy of the U.S. in the world today and yet Americans want more diplomacy first." 73% said they would support a U.S.-led strike on Iran if it were to launch an attack on U.S. military assets or personnel.

2019-10-02 00:00:00

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