U.S., Saudis Weigh Response to Iranian Attack on Saudi Arabia's Oil Industry

(Wall Street Journal) Dion Nissenbaum - U.S. intelligence indicates Iran was the staging ground for Saturday's debilitating attack on Saudi Arabia's oil industry. Yet until the Saudis make the same determination, the U.S. would have trouble galvanizing regional support for a unified response. Saudi Arabia said it was going to invite UN experts to investigate and would wait for the results before deciding how to respond. On Monday, President Trump said he is not yet considering military options and that he expects Saudi Arabia to play a central role in any response. "The fact is the Saudis are going to have a lot of involvement in this, if we decide to do something," he said. Robert Malley, president of International Crisis Group, said, "Both President Trump and Mohammed bin Salman feel the need to respond but neither wants war. The question is how they achieve the former without provoking the latter."

2019-09-17 00:00:00

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