Former Israeli Deputy National Security Adviser Casts Doubt on Report of Israeli Spying in Washington

(Times of Israel) Judah Ari Gross - An Israeli spying operation against the U.S. government on American soil would represent a dramatic departure from decades-old Israeli policy, said former Israeli deputy national security adviser Chuck Freilich. "Based on everything I know, it's totally false," Freilich told the Times of Israel. Freilich, who served for more than two decades in the Israeli defense establishment, said a decision was made in Israel following the 1985 Jonathan Pollard scandal to avoid spying on the U.S. "Pollard was an aberration, and after him it was decided that this should never happen again," Freilich said. Freilich said the potential diplomatic blowback from a botched operation would represent a significant disincentive for carrying out such a mission. "If you can't afford to get caught, you don't do it." He added, "The U.S. is spying on Israel all the time....It's probably true that everyone is spying on everyone. But [Israel spying on the U.S.] in Washington? No."

2019-09-13 00:00:00

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