Iran Is Playing with Fire

[Ha'aretz] Editorial - Iran under the Islamic revolutionary government represents a serious security problem for Israel. It trains, funds and carries out terror via Hizbullah in Lebanon, and via Islamic Jihad in the West Bank and Gaza. It, or its emissaries, hid navigator Ron Arad. Under its aegis, Syria continues to choose hostility over seeking peace with Israel. Worst of all, its leaders explicitly declare their desire to destroy "the Zionist entity," and act to do so by developing ground-to-ground missiles and attempting to obtain nuclear weapons. The Iranians are evidently counting on the weakness of the West, and with good reason. The West includes states that want commercial relations with Iran. They laugh at the damage that Washington caused itself in the recent security assessment. Other states saw the softer assessment as a license to suspend the pressure on Iran. The threat of an American military operation - the fear of which led to the presumed suspension of the warhead program - has nearly disappeared.

2008-04-16 01:00:00

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