Iran, Hamas to Open Gaza Front If War Breaks Out in Israeli North

(Ha'aretz) Yaniv Kubovich - Iran has stepped up its involvement in Gaza to turn Hamas into an operational arm of Tehran, intelligence sources in Israel said. Iran and Hamas have come to an understanding about opening a second front from Gaza if war breaks out in Israel's north, Israeli defense officials believe. Hamas and Islamic Jihad would try to force Israel to divert forces and air defense systems to the south. Last week, senior Hamas figure Saleh al-Arouri said Hamas is "on the first line of defense on Iran." This week, an Iranian diplomat announced the establishment of a united military front "from Tehran to Gaza." Defense officials have also noted an increase in the number of terrorist attacks directed by Hamas in the West Bank: In 2018, attacks planned by 130 Hamas terrorist cells in the West Bank were foiled - 40 more than in 2017 and nearly double the number in 2016.

2019-08-01 00:00:00

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