Attack on Saudi Blogger in Jerusalem Linked to Jordanian and Palestinian Incitement

(Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs) Yoni Ben Menachem - The attack Monday on Saudi blogger Mohammad Saud in the Old City of Jerusalem can be directly traced to Jordanian and Palestinian incitement against Saudi Arabia. The Muslim Waqf guards, who receive their salaries from Jordan, did nothing to prevent the attack. Make no mistake. The Saudi leadership is vindictive but patient. It will find the right time to settle its score with Jordan and the PA. Since talk of the U.S. peace plan began, Jordan has initiated a strong campaign of incitement on social media against the Saudi royal family - encouraged by bodies affiliated with the Jordanian monarchy. The Saudis are accused of seeking to undermine Jordan's special custodial status for Jerusalem's holy sites, as accorded in its 1994 peace treaty with Israel. Rumors were spread that under the U.S. plan, Saudi Arabia will be responsible for the entire Temple Mount. Saudi Arabia has suspended its financial support of Jordan. King Abdullah ordered Jordan to form closer ties with Qatar, Saudi Arabia's enemy. Only last week, Jordan and Qatar exchanged ambassadors after a two-year break. The writer is a veteran Arab affairs and diplomatic commentator for Israel Radio and Television.

2019-07-26 00:00:00

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