At Los Angeles Times, Only Israeli Leaders Are "Hard-Liners"

(CAMERA) Tamar Sternthal - The Los Angeles Times applies a sliding scale when it comes to Israeli and Palestinian hard-liners. Lexis-Nexis searches have yet to find any Palestinian politicians, policies, or parties described as "hard-line" in the Times, despite the fact that Gaza is ruled by Hamas, a designated terror group. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is described as a "hard-line rightest" (20 July 2019). Other examples include Avigdor "Lieberman's hard-line nationalist party" (17 Nov. 2018); "hard-line Education Minister Naftali Bennett" (27 July 2018); and "hard-line ministers in [Netanyahu's] government" (16 July 2018). When it comes to leaders of Palestinian terror groups, however, there are no descriptions, just titles, such as: "Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar and [Palestinian Islamic Jihad] leader Ziad Nahala" (5 May 2019). The writer is director of CAMERA's Israel Office.

2019-07-24 00:00:00

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