Would Palestinian Factions Attack Israel for Iran's Sake?

(Al-Monitor) Rasha Abou Jalal - As Iran is the main party fueling Palestinian resistance factions, if a military confrontation between Iran and the U.S. were to break out, what are the chances of this leading to a new clash between the factions and Israel, a key U.S. ally against Iran? Hamas leader Yahya Moussa told Al-Monitor, "Iran and Hamas have an old political alliance based on Iranian bias to Palestinian rights, but this alliance does not entail Hamas engaging in a war for Iran's sake. No military confrontation between Israel and the resistance has ever had foreign goals. We don't have to be dragged into a war with Israel if Iran faces a military attack." However, a prominent Islamic Jihad leader said, "Islamic Jihad will not abandon the country that supported it [Iran] in fighting Israel, if that party faces an attack." Hassan Abdo, a political analyst close to Islamic Jihad, said Hamas and Islamic Jihad "will not hesitate to engage in military confrontation against Israel....There is no resistance without Iran, which is the backbone of all anti-Israel military resistance in Palestine and Lebanon."

2019-06-28 00:00:00

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