Saudi Diplomat: Palestinians Must Shed Image of Victim

(Globes) Dan Zaken - A Saudi diplomat discussed the U.S. economic plan for the Palestinians in an interview with Globes: "We and other countries are willing to make enormous investments in this - amounts that the Palestinians never dreamed of getting. If this framework gets going, they will get real independence, good education, employment, a healthy economy, and won't be dependent on charity. It may be hard for them to relinquish the image of the eternal victim. Maybe they don't believe that they'll be able to get along without it." At the end of the conversation, the diplomat asked to send a message to Israelis: "This blood conflict has lasted too long. It's clear to us - the Saudi Arabians, all of the Persian Gulf countries, Egypt, and Jordan - that the era of warfare with Israel has ended, and that the advantages of normal relations are very great."

2019-06-25 00:00:00

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