Iranian Proxy Strength Growing in Southern Syria

(The National-Abu Dhabi) Khaled Yacoub Oweis - Tehran has not shied away from using militia proxies in Syria, despite regular Israeli raids on Iran-associated forces and Israeli co-ordination with Russia to try to curb Iranian reach. The two rockets fired from Syria at Israel on Sunday was "another message the Iranians are sending. Tehran is saying 'we are capable of wreaking havoc with the security and stability of the whole region'," said Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Nizar Abdel Kader, a veteran Lebanese military analyst. By mid-April this year Iran had formed at least 36 local militias in southern Syria with a strength of more than 2,000 fighters. Recruitment has focused especially on areas directly bordering the Golan in Quneitra province. Militia commanders are believed to receive a $1,500 monthly salary while regular members receive about $250. There are low-intensity clashes in southern Syria between pro-Assad forces and elements of the local population. Many in the area are opposed to the infiltration and proselytization efforts by Iran, supported by cash, to get new Shiite converts.

2019-06-03 00:00:00

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