Why Israel Doesn't Want an American War with Iran

(Washington Examiner) Tom Rogan - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would welcome the Iranian regime's sudden implosion, but not at the price of an American war with Iran. Israeli security strategy toward Iran rests on Iran's constant understanding of Israeli deterrent overmatch. Israel ensures that Iran knows any critical threat it poses to Israel will lead to far greater Israeli threat to Iran. Israelis tend only to employ force where they believe doing so is the only option to save lives. Israel recognizes that a violent escalatory struggle with Iran carries outsize risks. In a U.S.-Iran war, the Israelis would face a barrage of Iranian ballistic missile strikes - possibly armed with chemical warheads. Iran's proxies in Lebanon would do the same, meaning a full-scale rocket onslaught from Hizbullah. It would also mean assassination and bombing campaigns against Israeli government officers and civilians around the world.

2019-05-20 00:00:00

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