Hizbullah Partakes in Maduro's Drug Trade in Venezuela

(Al Arabiya) Dr. Vanessa Neumann - The U.S. sanctions on Venezuela have had a secondary effect on Hizbullah's finances, impacting the salaries of their fighters in Syria and degrading their military and terrorist capabilities. However, they still make a lot of money through the Maduro regime's drug running, which continues to spike to horrifying proportions, as Maduro's military-backed cartel scrambles for cash to get around the sanctions. Keeping Maduro in power is therefore in Hizbullah's best interests, and they will work hard for that. During my visit to Beirut in 2012, Hizbullah vowed that they would sustain the power of whomever succeeded Venezuelan President Chavez. The writer is President Juan Guaido's appointed ambassador and chief of diplomatic mission to the UK.

2019-05-14 00:00:00

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