How Should We Respond to the Terror Rockets from Gaza?

(Los Angeles Jewish Journal) David Suissa - Firing rockets at civilians with the intent to maim and kill is not an act of resistance. It is a vile, evil, cowardly act. After Hamas and Islamic Jihad fired 700 rockets at Israel last week, the fact that four Israelis were killed instead of hundreds or even thousands is not a function of enemy restraint, but of Israelis' brilliance at protecting and defending themselves. For those of us in America who are not used to running into bomb shelters, what is an appropriate response? I understand the Jewish instinct to appear even-handed. But because Israel is so good at defending itself and Hamas couldn't care less about protecting its people, casualty figures will always be higher on the Palestinian side. Activists who bash Israel because of those figures ignore the fact that they're a direct result of Israel being attacked and forced to defend itself. When I saw the unrelenting firing of rockets from Gaza, I had only one narrative in mind: If terrorists fire rockets to murder people, they deserve no even-handedness. When a neo-Nazi commits mass murder in America, we don't try to be even-handed or nuanced.

2019-05-13 00:00:00

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