Why Doesn't the UN Condemn Hamas Attacks on Israelis?

(U.S. Mission to the UN) Jason Greenblatt - U.S. Special Representative for International Negotiations Jason Greenblatt told a UN Security Council meeting on May 9, 2019: "It is baffling and disappointing to see the obvious, continual anti-Israel bias here....It is truly shameful that in these halls there have been nearly 700 resolutions condemning actions of Israel - the region's only real democracy - yet not one condemning Hamas' attacks on Israelis or its abuse and neglect of the very people it purports to govern." "Forgive me for pointing out the elephant in the room, which is that Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad - not Israel - are the problem here. The Israelis, as they celebrate their Independence Day, are reeling from 36 hours of unprovoked attacks on them, their families, and their homes by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad." "Where is the urgent condemnation from this room for that unconscionable, sustained attack? Where is the sympathy and the solidarity for the people of Israel? All I hear is silence....I did not hear anyone - not one of you - mention the 10 Israelis who have been murdered and the hundreds injured by Palestinians in the past year in terror attacks." "Another critical issue that many ignore as an obstacle to peace is the Palestinian Authority's practice of rewarding terrorists....What would you do if a neighboring government offered lifelong bounties for the killing of your citizens?" "Let's stop pretending that settlements are what is keeping the sides from a negotiated peaceful solution. This farce and obsessive focus on one aspect of this complicated conflict helps no one." "We will continue to speak the truth, even when it is not welcome. The truth is that Israel, just days ago, came under a vicious, cynical, unprovoked attack that was intended to terrify, kill, and maim Israelis. The truth is that there has been no effort in the halls of the United Nations to hold the terrorists who perpetrated that attack accountable."

2019-05-10 00:00:00

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