The "Peaceful" Movement to Destroy Israel

(Tablet) Brig-Gen. (res.) Yosef Kuperwasser - Paradoxically, while formal relations between the governments of Israel and the U.S. appear to be at a high, anti-Israel political movements have also been getting stronger as the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement has inched closer to normalization in American politics. It is imperative, therefore, to confront the false premises on which the BDS case has been constructed and expose the great distance between the polite myths repeated by BDS supporters and the violent realities inherent in a political cause that holds as its ultimate goal the destruction of Israel. The Palestinian leadership is ready to have a "two-state solution" as long as it is not a "two-states for two-peoples, with a mutual recognition of their national identity" solution. The Palestinian narrative negates the existence of a Jewish people and therefore rejects the idea of a state for the Jewish people on any grain of soil in Palestine. This is the core of the conflict. Regarding the libel of apartheid, the facts speak for themselves. The semi-sovereign Palestinian Authority that controls the lives of the Palestinians in Areas A and B in the West Bank is the chosen representative of their national will and has its own large security force. All the Palestinians in the territories, including residents of Jerusalem and Area C, vote in the PA elections. The fact that elections for the Palestinian parliament have not been held since 2006 is very unfortunate for the Palestinians, but it has nothing to do with Israel. The writer led the Research and Assessment Division of Israeli Military Intelligence. He is currently a Senior Project Director at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

2019-05-03 00:00:00

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