Egyptian Mediation in Gaza Is a Strategic Asset

(Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security) Col. (res.) Dr. Eran Lerman - The lingering frustration of the residents of the border areas near Gaza and that of many other Israelis with Hamas provocations is understandable and justified. Still, a systemic and persistent engagement in managing the conflict, without a "decisive outcome," is probably the pattern best suited for Israeli needs in the foreseeable future. In this context, a unique role is played by the Egyptian intelligence services. Much in the same way as Israel uses Russian good offices in Syria, Egypt's contribution makes it possible to deliver unambiguous messages to the Hamas leadership. These messages, in turn, rest upon Israel's proven ability to exact a heavy price from Hamas by military means. Today, the Egyptian regime has developed a sophisticated and effective approach combining rewards for the Hamas leadership with significant leverages. For Israel, it is of primary importance to broaden cooperation with Egypt. The bilateral relationship has shown remarkable resilience over 40 years. Today, the relationship has reached new heights, due to the common stand against terror in Sinai and against Turkish subversion in the Eastern Mediterranean. Israel has an interest in furthering the Egyptians' influence on Gaza in the context of better "conflict management." JISS Vice President Eran Lerman held senior posts in IDF Military Intelligence for over 20 years.

2019-04-19 00:00:00

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