BDS Supporters Operate in "Fantasy World"

(JNS) Jackson Richman - Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas), a former Navy SEAL who lost an eye to an IED in Afghanistan in 2012, said in an interview: "My deployments in the Middle East gave me an insight into the human element there, gave me a more realistic understanding of what Israelis are dealing with in the context of Middle Eastern politics and how different that is from Western civilization. A lot of people who are skeptical of Israel and the United States, who are forming a BDS movement, are operating in a fantasy world." "In have Hamas fully in control of the Gaza Strip - well-armed, raining down rockets on Israeli civilians indiscriminately. You have Hizbullah to the north - digging tunnels to the Lebanese border, trying to infiltrate Israel for no other purpose than to kill Israelis. You have ISIS in Syria." "There's a long history of Israel's Arab neighbors attempting to invade and end the Jewish state, so, for good reason, we should be worried about Israel's security. And Iran, a powerful country that seeks to destroy Israel - and says as much and funds proxies both with Hamas and Hizbullah in order to meet those ends." "BDS movements are not about free speech; they are a concerted effort to destroy a nation's economy. That's not free speech. That's vile. That's contempt for the Jewish state."

2019-04-05 00:00:00

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