Golan Recognition Part of Larger U.S. Effort to Counter Iran

(Washington Free Beacon) Adam Kredo - U.S. recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights is part of a larger effort by the White House to open new fronts to combat Iran in the region, according to U.S. officials. One White House official said, "To allow the Golan Heights to be controlled by the likes of the Syrian and Iranian regimes would turn a blind eye to the threats emanating from a Syrian regime that engages in atrocities and from Iran and terrorist actors, including Hizbullah, seeking to use the Golan Heights as a launching ground for attacks on Israel." "This administration...is willing to acknowledge the reality that there can be no comprehensive peace agreement that does not satisfactorily address Israel's security needs in the Golan Heights. The Golan is an area vital to Israel's national security." U.S. Middle East peace envoy Jason Greenblatt tweeted, "A regime that gasses its own people and drops barrel bombs on women and children is in no position to try to convince the [international] community of their right to the Golan. Anyone who says Syria should control the Golan is taking a position not based in reality."

2019-04-02 00:00:00

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