The Golan Issue Does Not Echo in the Middle East

(Jerusalem Post) Seth J. Frantzman - After 52 years of Israeli rule on the Golan - more than twice as long as the Syrian government controlled the heights - Israeli rule is largely understood as a fact of life, even as regimes pay lip service to international legal concepts that would see the Golan returned to the Syrian regime. The Syrian regime is not well-liked. Bashar Assad is a close ally of Hizbullah and Iran. Al-Manar, linked to Hizbullah, didn't have a tweet on it. Iran's media seemed disinterested. Al-Ghad in Jordan mentioned the Golan announcement alongside stories about sports. Kuwait's Al-Jarida didn't cover it on its homepage. Not exactly earth-shattering coverage. The region has changed greatly in the last decade, and Israel is not the center of every person's concerns - local conflicts are. Given the many other issues affecting the Middle East - and coming after a long list of other major Trump decisions on Israel - the Golan decision is not being seen as a groundbreaking change.

2019-03-22 00:00:00

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