Censured by Britain, Hizbullah Is Bigger than Ever in Beirut

(Guardian-UK) Martin Chulov - Last week, Britain announced it was listing Hizbullah's political wing as a terrorist organization. Yet Hizbullah has consolidated its role as Lebanon's most powerful organization. After safeguarding Assad, Hizbullah has begun to reap the prize. In postwar Syria, Hizbullah and Iran are ascendant; both playing lead roles in shaping what emerges from the ruins of war. In Beirut, where it controls three ministries and, together with allies, 70 of the 128 parliamentary seats, it has a decisive hand in the government's decisions. A Hizbullah member with access to senior leaders said the Israeli attacks on mainly Iranian targets in Syria had caused carnage and confusion. "The Iranian targets in the military bases in Damascus and Homs were annihilated," he said. "I mean the damage was unbelievable. People were shocked, here and there. It's caused many discussions."

2019-03-04 00:00:00

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