Britain Leads the Way in Banning Hizbullah. The Rest of Europe Must Now Follow Suit

(Telegraph-UK) Amb. Ron Prosor - Finally, the UK government has designated Hizbullah as the terrorist organization it is. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn objected to the move. He has called Hizbullah "friends" dedicated to "peace and social justice." It demonstrates that commitment to peace by carrying out genocide in Syria on behalf of Assad and destabilizing Yemen and Iraq, as well as Lebanon. And of course by digging attack tunnels under the Israeli border while building up a missile capability capable of reaching far beyond the Middle East. But within the EU, only the Netherlands and now the UK wholly ban Hizbullah. As Hizbullah carries out its global terror campaign, European countries are its enablers. By turning a blind eye, they allow this network of evil to run its crime empire of drug trafficking and money laundering completely uninterrupted. The U.S., the Arab League and the Gulf States have long proscribed Hizbullah. Does anyone seriously believe that these countries would have done so if Hizbullah only threatened Israel? Other European states need to follow Britain and get real about Hizbullah. The writer served as Israel's Ambassador to the UK and the UN.

2019-03-01 00:00:00

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