The UK's Hizbullah Ban Will Not Just Affect Al Quds Day - It Will Hinder Its Fundraising

(Jewish Chronicle-UK) Anshel Pfeffer - The UK decision to add the political wing of Hizbullah to the list of terror organizations will have a clear effect on the streets of Britain. It will no longer be permitted to fly the movement's flags at future Al Quds Day rallies. But the decision may also curtail its extensive fundraising efforts. This comes during a period in which Hizbullah's financial needs skyrocketed. There are a large number of casualties returning home from the fighting in Syria - by some estimates totaling 2,000 dead and 9,000 wounded over the last eight years. Hizbullah now has to support the families of these dead fighters and the long-term wounded.

2019-02-28 00:00:00

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