TV Spot Dissects Suicide Bombing

[AP/Washington Times] Anna Johnson - A television commercial aimed at thwarting terrorism has begun airing on Al Arabiya, Lebanese Broadcasting Corp., and several Iraqi channels, using high-tech effects to show the anatomy of a suicide bombing in graphic detail. The $1 million ad is packed with special effects, including bodies, cars, and broken glass flying in slow motion through the air "Matrix"-style. Some think the U.S. government is behind it. The 60-second ad opens with a young boy seeing a man walk by in a crowded market. The man stops and exposes yellow explosives strapped to his body. The boy sees the bombs just before they go off, sending cars flying and people crashing through the windows of a cafe. The ad then shows the aftermath: wreckage, weeping, and fires. It ends with the words "Terrorism has no religion" in Arabic.

2006-10-18 01:00:00

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