Dore Gold Tells Italian MPs: Hizbullah Invented Suicide Bombings

(Israel Hayom) Eldad Beck - Israel's former Foreign Ministry Director General, Dr. Dore Gold, speaking to the Italian Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee last Wednesday, refuted claims that Hizbullah cannot be labeled as terrorists. "Israel has just exposed a fourth tunnel dug from Lebanon into northern Israel. These tunnels were designed to facilitate the occupation of civilian Israeli territory, to kill civilians or to take them hostage. Is that not terrorism? Keep in mind that Hizbullah invented suicide bombings long before the Sunnis." Gold emphasized that Hizbullah was the military arm of Iran and was assisting the regime in Tehran in its plan to spread the Islamic revolution. As part of this plan, he noted that Iran was consciously acting to carry out a population exchange in Syria: "They [Iran] are transferring Shiite militias and Pakistani, Afghani and Iraqi fighters to Syria."

2018-12-25 00:00:00

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