Group Awarded 140,000 Pounds of EU Funding Described Zionism as a "Criminal Enterprise"

(Telegraph-UK) Edward Malnick - The Sunday Telegraph revealed last week that the European Commission had given more than 140,000 pounds in funding to the Islamic Human Rights Commission. Two weeks ago, the IHRC hosted Prof. Ramon Grosfoguel, a Puerto Rican academic, at a conference in London, who told a panel the State of Israel was an "extremist organization" that has the "audacity" to label militant groups Hamas and Hizbullah as terrorist organizations. In a video of the event posted on the IHRC Facebook page, Prof. Grosfoguel is seen describing Zionism as "a criminal enterprise." The IHRC published a post on its website in 2013 praising Omar Abdul Rahman, an extremist cleric convicted for conspiracy to wage war against the U.S. The group organizes the annual Al Quds rally in London at which demonstrators call for the destruction of Israel.

2018-12-25 00:00:00

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