Netanyahu: Hizbullah's Terror Tunnels Are an Act of War

(Prime Minister's Office) Ahead of the UN Security Council's meeting Wednesday on Hizbullah's terror tunnels, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: Since Dec. 4, "we've uncovered, so far, four tunnels that cut into our territory. Their goal has been to penetrate our territory, to kidnap our people, including civilians, murder civilians and conquer the northern piece of the Galilee. This is not merely an act of aggression; it's an act of war....UNIFIL has confirmed the existence of these tunnels and they have said that they represent a clear violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701." "The fact that the Lebanese army is doing nothing means that they are either unable or unwilling or both to do anything about this. But it doesn't absolve Lebanon's culpability. Their territory is being used to attack our territory. Their territory is being used to dig terror tunnels, to terrorize, kidnap and murder our citizens. Therefore, we hold Lebanon accountable." "I call on all the members of the Security Council to condemn Hizbullah's wonton acts of aggression; to designate Hizbullah, in its entirety, as a terrorist organization; to press for heightened sanctions against Hizbullah; to demand that Lebanon stop allowing its territory to be used as an act of aggression and its citizens to be used as pawns; to support Israel's right to defend itself against Iranian-inspired and Iranian-conducted aggression."

2018-12-20 00:00:00

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