Iran's Precision Missile Project Moves to Lebanon

(Washington Institute for Near East Policy) Katherine Bauer, Hanin Ghaddar and Assaf Orion - Recent Israeli strikes in Syria have forced Tehran to move Hizbullah's precision missile project into Lebanon. The prospect of Hizbullah converting its 130,000 rockets into precision weapons is Israel's main redline. The Lebanese government has repeatedly covered up matters relating to Hizbullah's domestic weapons production. The Lebanese Armed Forces are establishing increasingly close connections with Hizbullah. The head of the General Security Directorate, which supervises Beirut's airport, has reportedly praised Hizbullah. Russia aims to stabilize Syria and reap the rewards, which likely contributed to Tehran's decision to move the "precision project" to Lebanon. Due to current tensions surrounding Israel and Russia, Israel is hesitant to antagonize the Russians. This allows Iran to increase its threat buildup while constraining Israel's countermeasures. Katherine Bauer is a former U.S. Treasury official. Hanin Ghaddar is managing editor of Lebanon's NOW news website. IDF Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Assaf Orion is a defense strategist. All are fellows at The Washington Institute.

2018-12-12 00:00:00

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