Jihadists Unfazed By Israel's Many Attempts to Make Peace

[National Post-Canada] Robert Fulford - Maclean's magazine headlines the article, "Why Israel Can't Survive," by Michael Petrou, who argues that the future is bleak because West Bank settlements enrage the Arabs. But eliminating settlements wouldn't impress a single jihadist warrior and wouldn't alter the program of Hamas. The jihadists don't want a nicer Israel, they want no Israel at all. Closing the settlements would make conversation more agreeable at thousands of dinner parties. But it would contribute nothing to Israel's security. Petrou doesn't mention Israel's many attempts to make peace. He writes as if the Oslo Accords and everything following them hadn't happened. And he doesn't realize that Fatah, the likeliest peace partner now on offer, is a chaotic parody of a government, without popular support.

2008-05-13 01:00:00

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