Israeli Defense Minister: Gaza Border Violence "Cannot Continue"

(Times of Israel) Judah Ari Gross - Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Tuesday that IDF commanders dealing with Gaza "all have reached the understanding that the situation as it is today cannot continue." Since March 30, Palestinians in Gaza have participated in a series of riots that have included shooting attacks and bombings as well as sending incendiary balloons and kites into Israel. In recent weeks the clashes have become a daily event. Lieberman said that "persuasion and international cooperation" have failed to bring about a negotiated armistice with Hamas and that "we have exhausted all other options in Gaza." "When Hamas says that it's going to continue rioting on the border until there's an end to the blockade, we need to accept that as it is, without interpretations," Lieberman said. A blockade is in place to prevent arms and hostile forces from entering Gaza. "Getting rid of the blockade has one meaning...allowing Hizbullah members and Iranians into Gaza."

2018-10-16 00:00:00

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