Israeli Defense Minister: Israel Can't Stop Operations in Syria even though Damascus Now Has S-300s

(TASS-Russia) "I cannot say that we are happy about the presence of S-300s [in Syria], but at the same time this is a situation where we have no way out," Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman told Kan TV in an interview on Wednesday. "In any case, we are not looking for adventures. We merely protect our vital interests. Regrettably, we are in a situation where we cannot afford any compromises concerning our security interests." "It was Syria's air defense that shot down the Russian Ilyushin-20. The responsibility rests squarely on Syria....I am not going to wage any media battles with the Russian side. It is very regrettable that 15 Russian soldiers and officers lost their lives. At the same time we [Israelis] were acting in a balanced and responsible way." "As long as our interests remain unaffected, we never take any action, but it is clear that we cannot afford to let the whole territory of Syria become one large base for Iran. We will be acting in accordance with our interests....When we have confirmed information about an attempt to move some weapons from Iran to Syria or from Syria to Lebanon [for] Hizbullah, we take action."

2018-10-04 00:00:00

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