Israel and the Arab States Make Eyes at Each Other

(Financial Times-UK) Roula Khalaf - 25 years after the Oslo peace accords, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been relegated to an after-thought. Instead, Israeli officials highlight their burgeoning ties with Arab states, a rapprochement achieved despite the failure of the peace process. Israeli-Arab ties are still for the most part in an official state of war. Jordan and Egypt may have signed peace agreements with the Jewish state, but they are still stuck in a state of cold peace. But Israeli officials are right to point to a shift in the mood music and to a quiet expansion of covert co-operation with Arab states, including Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia and Israel share the view that the Iran nuclear agreement emboldened Tehran instead of curbing its regional ambitions. The whispers are that, under the radar, intelligence and technological co-operation is taking place.

2018-09-21 00:00:00

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