Hizbullah Is a State Above the State

(Arab Weekly-UK) Udeid Nassar - In Lebanon, Hizbullah controls sites that are off limits to Lebanese security and army forces. Hizbullah has its own economic, financial and services institutions. It has its own channels for external relations functioning just like any other ministry of foreign affairs. The party has its own judiciary and internal security structures, including detention centers and jails. Above all, the state of Hizbullah is implicitly recognized by the Lebanese state. Hizbullah members enjoy immunity from Lebanese judiciary and security agencies. It is out of the question to pursue or apprehend any of the party's members for any crime committed on Lebanese territory or abroad. Hizbullah has a free hand in bringing in goods and people through Lebanese ports, border crossings and Beirut airport - no taxes paid, no questions asked. Hizbullah is capable of preventing presidential elections from taking place in Lebanon and imposing its own candidate on everybody.

2018-09-14 00:00:00

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