Arab World Fed Up with Hizballah

[Jerusalem Post] Khaled Abu Toameh - On Monday, hundreds of Palestinians marched in Ramallah in support of Hizballah, chanting: "Hassan Nasrallah is our hero," and "O beloved Abu Hadi [Nasrallah's nickname], bomb, bomb Tel Aviv." With the exception of the Palestinians, the Arab world appears to be united in blaming Iran and Syria for the fighting in Lebanon. Now that Hizballah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah and his top aides are in hiding, an anti-Hizballah coalition is emerging not only in Lebanon, but in several other Arab countries as well. The response on the Arab street has been so disappointing for Hizballah that its leaders are now openly talking about an Arab "conspiracy" to liquidate the Shi'ite organization. The anti-Hizballah coalition, which appears to be growing, is spearheaded by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan.

2006-07-18 01:00:00

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