The Iranian "Giant"

[Dar Al Hayat-Lebanon] Jamil Theyabi - Iranian leaders constantly issue "aggressive" statements against the Gulf countries. At times, they declare their intention to burn the region, the military bases, and the oil wells if their country comes under a U.S. military attack - as stated by Ali Shamkhani, military adviser to the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. At others, they meddle in the domestic affairs of the countries of the region or declare illegitimate the ruling regimes in the Gulf countries - as said by Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Research Manuchehr Mohammadi. In his opinion, the legitimacy of the Arab Gulf regimes will trigger the upcoming crisis in the Middle East. Mohammadi's declarations will not be the last ones made by an Iranian official against the regional countries. Iran's role is not "veiled" anymore but "exposed." Iran is active in Lebanon and in the south of Iraq, it cooperates with Hamas leaders and supports the Hawthi's followers in Yemen. Iran is trying to create a Sunni-Shiite conflict in the Gulf region and on Arab borders, in order to expand its influence and win more supporters, either through buying in "dollars" or by exporting the Khomeini revolution.

2008-08-13 08:00:00

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