Neutralized at the Last Minute

(Israel Hayom) Yoav Limor - Despite the claim by Syrian rebels of responsibility for the killing of Syrian scientist Aziz Asbar, it is unlikely they were behind it. Asbar was not an attractive target to them and was not worth the effort, certainly not as they are battling with their last breath. He was a senior missile engineer, No. 3 in the Syrian weapons industry, and the point where Iranian-Syrian-Hizbullah weapons interests converged. Asbar oversaw missile production in Syria, and according to foreign reports was recently involved in laying the groundwork for missile production in Lebanon as well. The manufacture of missiles in Lebanon would eliminate the need for weapons convoys and would allow Hizbullah to build its capabilities without concern. Taking Asbar out of the game will definitely complicate things for Iran and Hizbullah. It will take time to find a replacement.

2018-08-07 00:00:00

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