Iranians Defy Regime on Twitter, Express Support for Israel

(Times of Israel) Israel Foreign Ministry Persian digital media manager Sharona Avginsaz said Tuesday, "During this week our Twitter page reached 2.5 million Iranians. There were tens of thousands of tweets with the hashtag #WeStandWithIsrael, each stating their individual positions on why they love Israel." One Iranian wrote, "Our history is bound together. Our values have the same root. The Hebrew Bible was compiled in its final form under the patronage of the Persian Achaemenid empire, the Babylonian Talmud under the patronage of the Persian Sassanid empires. We are brothers." "Iranians are always writing to us that they love Israel, that they don't want their regime to use their money to support Hamas and Hizbullah," Avginsaz said.

2018-06-13 00:00:00

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