Video: Hamas Says "Children and Women Make the Best Human Shields"

(MSNBC) Matt Bradley- David Keyes, spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, told MSNBC on Tuesday: "Hamas' interior minister said that 'children and women make the best human shields.' That's not my words. It's an exact quote from Fathi Hamad, Hamas' interior minister....What kind of people send women and children into the frontlines, hoping that they die?" "The same group which has been helping organize this march - Hamas...openly calls not just for the death of every Israeli soldier, but for the death of every Jew, and not just every Jew - every American." "This is what we're up against and it's a tragedy because instead of investing in their own people, they're actually telling their children to go and wage war against Israel. It's insanity." "There are people who stayed very far away from Israel's border and didn't try to infiltrate into Israel, and they can protest as much as they want. But when we saw masses of people gathering, with the express aim of infiltrating into Israel, in order to kill women and children, we did what any state in the world would have done, which is protect our people." "Iran not only fired 20 missiles just a few days ago at Israel. It also funded and armed Hizbullah and Hamas, who have launched tens of thousands of missiles at Israel. It's blown up Jews around the world. It's openly calling for our annihilation." "Those are acts of war which Israel has been the recipient of for far too long....Iran's aim is very clear - the total annihilation of Israel. We cannot let that happen, and we will not let that happen."

2018-05-16 00:00:00

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