Exporting the Iranian Revolution to Lebanon

[Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center] Lebanon is a unique example of Iran's success in exporting the Islamic revolution through Hizbullah. That success is reflected in the establishment of Hizbullah's extensive military infrastructure, with a proven track record of being able to hit Israel's home front, and in the strengthening of Hizbullah's political force on the internal Lebanese scene, to the point of being able to veto decisions made by the Lebanese government. One must also consider the extensive social and cultural network established by Hizbullah, through which Iran deepens its long-term influence in Lebanon - mostly with the Shi'ite community, the country's largest ethnic group. The ideological activity conducted by Hizbullah is meant to inculcate Lebanese society with the concept of a "society of resistance" - a society entirely devoted to a long-term armed struggle against Israel, with Hizbullah at the forefront.

2008-12-12 08:00:00

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