In Gaza, Hamas Is the Oppressor - Not Israel

(Fox News) Michael Levin - For four straight Fridays, Palestinians have attacked Israel's border security fence "with explosives, firebombs and other means," AP reported. What's happening on the Gaza-Israel border is not a peaceful protest. Some are violent and dangerous terrorists who want to tear down Israel's security fence to make it easy to attack Israeli communities less than a mile from Gaza. Acting to defend their nation, Israeli forces have killed Palestinian attackers along the border despite their best efforts to use the minimal force required. No nation on Earth would welcome terrorist murderers to cross its borders to take the lives of innocent civilians. And if terrorists assaulted any other border on the planet, the number of attackers killed would undoubtedly be much higher. What the Palestinians and their supporters fail to acknowledge is that the true oppressor of Palestinians in Gaza is not Israel, which completely withdrew from the territory in 2005. The real oppressor of Palestinians is Hamas itself. Hamas vows to destroy Israel, regularly launches rocket attacks against Israeli civilians, and spends millions of dollars building cross-border tunnels for terrorists to infiltrate Israel.

2018-04-27 00:00:00

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