Gen. Dayton: New PA Forces Are the Most Capable Ever

[Jerusalem Post] David Horovitz - U.S. Gen. Keith Dayton, who is overseeing the training in Jordan of the Palestinian Authority's National Security Force for the West Bank, says the new recruits are "the most capable Palestinian security forces that have ever been fielded here." In an interview, Dayton stressed that organizing competent Palestinian security forces "improved law and order in the territories, increased safety and security for the Palestinian people, and improved security for Israel." "Nothing I or my team do here will jeopardize the security interests of the State of Israel. Period. Full stop. We won't do it. It's not what we do as Americans." Asked whether he could unequivocally state that the new forces would never use their weapons against Israel, he responded: "What I can say is that so far, in their operations since May, there has not been a single incident of Palestinian security force engagement with Israelis. Either Israeli civilians or IDF." "Something new is out there," said Dayton. "It's worth encouraging. And yeah, we can all be skeptical, but let's not stop it. Let's keep it going."

2008-12-12 08:00:00

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